Guidelines for our Assistance

In order for your application to be considered, please ensure you have included a referral letter from either your social worker or your practicing oncology doctor.


The Win the Day Organisation is a public, non-profit organisation established primarily to raise awareness and support the funding of research related to childhood rare cancers, as well as financially support families with accommodation, nutrition and ongoing treatment grants.

Families are able to receive financial assistance if they have a diagnosis of rare childhood cancer. Rare Children’s Cancers are broadly categorised as follows:

Children’s Liver Tumours

• Hepatoblastoma (usually occurs in children under five)

• Hepatocellular carcinoma or HCC (which is rarer and usually occurs in older children).

• Liver cancer can be either primary (starting in the liver) or secondary (metastatic and spread from another part of the body).


Other Rare Childhood Cancers Tumours that normally only occur in adults are occasionally found in children and include cancers of the digestive system, the thyroid, and the adrenal gland. Rare tumours which only occur in children include:

• Pancreatoblastoma

• Malignant rhabdoid tumours

• Melanotic neuroectodermal tumours of infancy

• Rare tumours in the head and neck area

• Rare hormonal/endocrine tumours (Phaeochromocytoma)

• Rare brain tumours (Meningioma)
• Rare skin tumours



Win the Day Organisation will accept grant applications on the proviso the family have provided a support letter from the social worker or practicing oncology doctor. In this letter it needs to state the following:
- Date of diagnosis
- Estimated length of treatment
- Type of cancer
- Treating Hospital
- Brief description of the family situation
- Applications for assistance with accommodation, will need to supply evidence that they have applied for the IPTAAS Scheme for travel and accommodation assistance. Win the Day grant will reimburse the remaining out of pocket costs the family may incur up to the value of $5000 per year.
- Families will be supported with meal packs upon completing the application for assistance and the level of support will be determined after reviewing the application. Packs will be provided for the family so carers in the hospital do not have to worry about the burden of cooking or grocery shopping and simply be present to care for their child.
- The ongoing treatment support is a one-off payment for a family that has had a recent diagnosis of rare cancer and it has relapsed. This amount is a one-off payment of $2000 to be used to alleviate financial stresses the family may be experiencing from the recent diagnosis. Families are also still able to apply for the nutrition and accommodation grant during this period.
- If funds have been exhausted, families will be prioritised and placed on a waiting list for up to 6 months upon receiving their application.
- Families will be supported up to 6 months after completing treatment for both the accommodation and nutrition grant.
- All families will be contacted via email on the outcome of their application within 14 days of submitting.
- Initially, families in the ACT and NSW region will be able to apply for the funding assistance.


Selection Criteria
Families simply need:
- Support letter from their social worker or practicing oncology doctor
- Child to be under the age of 14 years of age to receive assistance
- Completion of the grant application
Upon receiving the application, all communication will then be directly between the family and charity.