This will help our families with out-of-pocket accommodation costs.


We will supply nutritious meals and meal vouchers to our families to take away the stress of having to provide healthy meals for the whole family.

This is for families that have relapsed and need some additional financial assistance.

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Welcome Pack

For you and your child to enjoy and to take some of the pain out of hospital stays. Includes a painted puzzle, t-shirt, hat or bandana, food vouchers, coffee mug, drink bottle, dream catcher, a journal, and a temporary tattoo.

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Social Connections

We know that the kids just want a friend and the parents just want to talk to someone who knows how they feel. We will put you in contact with other families just like yours.

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Links to Other Helpful Services

These other services include the Clown Doctor, the Starlight Foundation, Brave Buddies, and I Draw Childhood Cancer. All of these organisations work to ease the process and the emotional toll on families of children who are fighting cancer.

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Win the Day is an Australian-based, public, not-for-profit charity formed from our own experience of dealing with rare childhood cancer. We aim to raise awareness and support the funding of research related to rare childhood cancers, as well as financially support families with accommodation, meals, and ongoing treatment grants. Thank you for your support, we really appreciate it.



Children aged 0-14 are diagnosed with cancer each year in Australia.


Of all children diagnosed with cancer in Australia are aged 0-4 at diagnosis, with a median age of 5 years old.


Of all cancers diagnosed amongst children are leukemia. A further 25% of diagnoses were caused by tumours of the central nervous system (mainly brain tumours), and lymphomas accounted for a further 10%.


Total increase in incidence rates amongst all childhood cancers in Australia from 1983 to 2014, after adjusting to changes in the population.




1 in 200

Children each year under the age of 15 are diagnosed with renal tumours in Australia, and the large majority of these are Wilms tumours.

Rare or very rare childhood cancers are diagnosed each year in Australia (rare cancers have a diagnosis occurrence of less than 5%, and have less chance in survivorship).

Of Wilms tumour patients have relapsed. This equates to 4-5 patients per year on average.

Of all cancer diagnoses in Australia are childhood cancer diagnoses (under the age of 15). The incidence rate of childhood cancers is around 170 new cases per million children per year. Two-thirds of childhood cancer patients will have long lasting chronic conditions from the cancer treatments that require ongoing treatment. 


Brumbies, Raiders legends team up for Ka'ili's battle

Wallabies and Brumbies legend Matt Giteau was in Japan when he learned his five-year-old niece Ka'ili in Canberra had been diagnosed with rare kidney cancer.



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