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Resilience, hardship and endless smiles,
meet Oliver and his beautiful family.

Oliver's Story

What is Oliver's diagnosis?

Oliver was three when he was diagnosed with Acute Myloid Leukemia.


What do you remember about the moment you were told Oliver had cancer?

My husband and I were in the loungeroom and I got the phone call from my doctor to say Ollie had leukemia. 

We drove to emergency and Oliver was taken to Randwick children hospital that night. I drove up the next morning with my mum and 3 week old daughter. We have been living in Randwick since the 1st of  October, 2021.


What has your journey been like doing time in hospital?

Its been a tough ride as we had a 3 week old daughter at the time of diagnosis so there was alot going on. My husband does nights at hospital and I do days. We are lucky my mum has been living with us in Randwick to help with everything.


What has been your favourite and least favourite thing about hospital?

My favourite has been meeting other families and building life long friendships. The worst thing is for as his mum is leaving the hospital to go home to my baby and when Ollie is sad. I am very lucky that his dad is very good at cheering him up.

How do you win the day as a parent of an oncology child? For your child and for yourself?

We enjoy walks on the beach, going to the park and newborn life. We also love bike rides. For us, building memories and enjoying the time together. We have really realised the importance of cherishing every moment and laughing together.

What do you like about Win The Day Charity and the support they offer?

The meals they have provided for us really take the stress off always thinking about cooking dinner. We have enjoyed reading other stories from families going through a similar journey. This reminds us we have support and we are not alone.

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