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Losing Hair in
Chemo Treatments

This can be confronting for any child, particularly a girl that always wanted to grow up and be like Rapunzel. This is where the concept of the hair fairy, the book, and the party came about!

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Sedation with minimal trauma 

Going into a sterile room full of business and people you do not recognise was never a nice experience for either of us.
Lucky, we had our brave fairy!

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kaks image 6.jpg
and Names

It is never nice having any procedure but giving them fun names was a good strategy to make it fun and special for her. What person do you know that has had a butterfly snake and octopus inside their body?

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Weighing up the risks vs. rewards

All your child wants to do is ‘normal things’. Unfortunately, those ‘normal things’ could end your child back in the hospital with a fever or bug. There are times throughout our journey when I thought STUFF IT! We are doing it anyway because we both need to feel normal.

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Keeping still through radiation

Going into a room without your security blanket (your parents) can be daunting for any child. This required some creative thinking and me going back in time and remembering how much fun a ‘choose your own adventure’
story can be!

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Passing time
in hospital

All you have is time in the hospital, so I made it my mission to talk to anyone that made eye contact with me in the hospital and reflect on my day through a gratitude journal.

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How I passed time in hospital for her

From Halloween to glow in dark parties, we themed most admissions to keep it fun. Dancing and music became our passions in hospital.

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