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Ongoing Treatment Support

Win the Day Organisation will accept grant applications on the proviso the family have provided a support letter from the social worker or practicing oncology doctor. In this letter it needs to state the following:
  • Date of diagnosis
  • Estimated length of treatment
  • Type of cancer
  • Treating Hospital
  • Brief description of the family situation
The ongoing treatment support is a one-off payment for a family that has had a recent diagnosis of rare cancer and it has relapsed. This amount is a one-off payment of $2000 to be used to alleviate financial stresses the family may be experiencing from the recent diagnosis. Families are also still able to apply for the nutrition and accommodation grant during this period.
If funds have been exhausted, families will be prioritised and placed on a waiting list for up to 6 months upon receiving their application.
Families will be supported up to 6 months after completing treatment for both the accommodation and nutrition grant.
All families will be contacted via email on the outcome of their application within 14 days of submitting it.
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