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Our logo was designed by Ka’ili. Arts and crafts are a big part of our hospital stays, as we try to pass the time. One day I asked her what makes her happy. Her response was rainbows! I asked her to draw the rainbow and not only did she draw it but she drew her hero with her under the rainbow – her big sister, Noa. Our logo warms my heart. Rainbows are a sign of hope and better times to come. Perfect. 


The Win the Day name arose from a journey page I started for Ka’ili. I had the mindset in the hospital that the disease and the treatments she was receiving were out of our control, but what we could control as her parents, was ensuring she went to bed winning the day. It meant we consciously went out of our way to provide experiences that meant she went to bed smiling and looking forward to waking up the next morning. This became our mantra and something we will embrace for the rest of our lives.

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