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Win the Day Charity aims to raise awareness and support the funding of research related to rare childhood cancers. We also aim to help and support families who are dealing with the diagnosis of rare childhood cancer. We plan to do this by providing assistance and support for these families in regards to their accommodation, meals, and emotional support throughout the process of treatment for their sick child. Further to this, we provide nutritious meals to ALL oncology carers so they are also prioritising their mental and physcial health in what can be an incredibly stressful time.


We can provide families with: 

  • an accommodation grant – to help with out-of-pocket accommodation costs

  • meal assistance to supply nutritious meals or meal vouchers to ALL oncology childhood carers

  • ongoing treatment support – for families that have relapsed and need some financial assistance  

  • a welcome pack – for you and your child to enjoy and to take some of the pain out of hospital stays (includes a painted puzzle, t-shirt, hat or bandana, food vouchers, dream catcher, coffee mug, drink bottle, a journal, and a temporary tattoo). 

  • social connections – to provide emotional support for families and help with the transition back to regular life after finishing treatment. This support is for kids and families dealing with cancer and comes from connecting with other families that were/are in the same position.

To check if you are eligible for assistance, read the Guidelines below. To request assistance, complete the online request forms below.

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