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‘When someone you love is sick’ is a children’s picture book which gently explains the impact of cancer to little ones.

Meg Rees tells us, "In 2021, I taught a gorgeous, brave little girl going through cancer treatment for a Stage 4 Wilms tumour. This meant a lot of time away in hospital having treatment where we were using robot technology to involve her in our lessons whenever she was well enough, and then of course, she was experiencing some obvious side effects. When she returned back to school, there were lots of curious 5 & 6 year olds asking questions about her hair loss.
I went to the library, I went to every local book store, I looked online and I just couldn’t find the right resource to gently explain to them what was happening to our brave little warrior.
So, it inspired me to write one.

During all the time in hospital, her mother created the most incredible not for profit charity called ‘Win the Day’ - a charity focused on providing meal assistance, accommodation assistance and of course, emotional support to help families going through the same thing."


When Someone you love is sick is a HARDCOVER book. You will recieve a signed copy. 

For the month of September, all proceeds from the sale of the book will go directly to the ‘Win the Day’ Charity.

When someone you love is sick.

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