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Win the Day seeks to:

1. Provide financial support to organisations undertaking scientific research to find cures for rare childhood cancers, as well as advocate, raise awareness for rare childhood cancers.

2. Support families who have received a diagnosis of rare cancer (refer to the guidelines) in three areas: accommodation, meal assistance, and emotional support. Many families located in rural, regional or remote areas of Australia need to travel to a major city to receive specialised treatment. Finding accommodation, sourcing nutritious meals, and being emotionally ready to tackle medical appointments, treatments, and procedures can be stressful and overwhelming for any family. Win the Day aims to support families with specialised grants and support from a social worker. This will be achieved through government subsidy schemes (IPTAAS) and the generosity of those in the community who donate to Win the Day.

3. Provide meal assistance to all childhood oncology carers, supplying nutritious meals so carers can dedicate their energy and time into tackling their child's health. The wellbeing of the carer and prioritising their health is equally as important as attending to their sick child disease.

To find out a bit more about how Win the Day helps families with children suffering from rare cancers, check this out:

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